Phylum Arthropoda



The subphylum Crustacea have each of the appendages being biramous, meaning it contains 2 main branches. The crustaceans also have 2 or 3 body regions: cephalothorax and abdomen or head, thorax, and an abdomen. Unlike the subphylum Cheliceriformes, the Crustaceans have a mandible and 2 pairs of antennae.

Class: Isopods

The Isopods are the most diverse Crustaceans. They are mostly found in terrestrial, freshwater, and saltwater habitat. An example of this class would be the Sowbug.

Class: Decapoda

Examples of this class would be the lobster and the crabs. They are mostly aquatic species.

Class: Copepoda

These class of species are mostly found in marine, freshwater plankton community. AN example of this would be the copepod.